Best Movie Scenes to Inspire You to DANCE!

  There’s nothing quite like watching a movie and feeling your feet start to move, your head start to bop and your hands start to tap as an iconic dance scene fills the screen. It’s the moments we dream of being a part of, the reason so many of us dance and the part we […]

A Degree in Dance…Why Bother?

As many young dancers come to the end of their high school years, the battle of continuing dance in hope of a professional career or leaving it behind and pursuing a university route is quite common. For many, the idea of leaving behind years of training and memories seems impossible and instead look to combining […]

Prospective Career Paths for Young Dancers

Growing up to be a ballerina is every little girl’s dream. The idea of putting on pink satin shoes and a crystal tutu whilst being lifted by their Prince Charming seems the only future they want, but in the modern entertainment industry, dancing in a ballet company is only one career option for a dancer. […]

Get Ready for Back to Dance Right This Year!

Returning to dance is always a crazy time for parents, dancers and teachers. It’s full of excitement, nerves and a lot of sore muscles, but there’s no feeling quite like learning the first new routine of the year or showing your dance family what you learnt at Summer Dance Camp! There’s new classes, new teachers […]

10 Reasons to Buy From an Independent Dance Store (LIKE US!)

  As a dancer or dance parent, we understand there are a lot of choices when it comes to where to shop, especially with the growing phenomenon of online shopping. Whilst it can be difficult to decide, we have put together 10 reasons to buy from an independent dance store to give you some assistance.  […]

Stage Makeup vs Regular Makeup

It’s a question we are asked regularly…why would I buy makeup specifically for dance when I already have plenty at home? Well the truth is, there is quite a difference between the two types of makeup and whilst it is possible to use everyday makeup, it is definitely not as effective. Unlike everyday makeup, stage […]

Demi Pointes: What’s the Pointe?

Demi pointes are often viewed as the ballet shoe used for transitioning classical dancers from ballet flats to pointe shoes. They allow the dancer to get used to the shape and style of a pointe shoe before actually going en pointe. Like pointe shoes, it is important that the dancer has developed correct technique and […]

Beginning Dance? Get Ready Here

Have you recently registered at a studio to begin dance classes and are unsure what you need? Check out our guide for all your dance wear needs. Just click on the style of dance you want to find out about and view our online store with all your necessities for beginning dance!        […]

How to Balance Dance, School and a Social Life

For most dancers, especially as they get into high school, managing time for school, dance and a social life can become a battle. Whether a dancer, parent or teacher, it is valuable to develop tricks for time management to make sure you/your dancer is getting the most out of each activity. To help out, we […]

Everything You Need for Your Ballet Exam

Ballet exams are an exciting yet nerve-racking time for a young dancer. Whether it’s their first time or they are completing the final grade, there are number of essentials items and tips to remember. We have compiled a list of exam essentials to help take your mind of what you need to pack and focusing on the syllabus. Check with your teacher […]

10 Tips to Survive Eisteddfod Season

Eisteddfod season…it’s one of the busiest, fun and craziest times of the year. From long hours to backstage dramas to nervously awaiting adjudicator decisions, there are a few tips we have learnt throughout the years to make the day, weekend or week of competition a little easier. Read on to find out our top 10 […]

From Pain to Prosperity: How Dance Desire Came To Be

Having opened in 2002, Dance Desire has seen many dancers go through our doors. We have watched students mature from their first class to professional dancers, we’ve seen once clueless mums become full time dance mums and we have developed great relationships with the incredible teacher’s whom continue to contribute to the Australian dance community. Dance […]

Dance Accessories That Will Make Your Bun Pop

Let’s face it: Ballet buns can be pretty boring. Especially when it’s the only hairstyle you can sport day in and day out. And, as a dancer, a hair bun is as essential as a leotard or on pointe shoes. Fortunately, with the help of some simple hair accessories, you can jazz your bun up […]

Updating Your Old Dance Costumes Easily

We all love concert and competition time, as it means new costumes!   When you are a dancer, a beautiful, well-made costume is an essential part of your performance. However, with regular competitions, it can be almost impossible to come up with a new costume for every performance.   No need to worry, because, at […]

What does it take to be a Professional Dancer?

Whether your speciality is hip-hop, tango, tap or ballet, a dancer uses movement and gestures to tell stories and captivate audiences. Dancers commit to years of learning, practising and perfecting their dance skills, to one day turn pro. But what exactly does a professional dancer’s career look like?   Key Responsibilities – The tasks a […]

The Perfect Bun for Dance Class

If there’s one thing dancers have in common, it’s being perpetually busy. The average dancer’s day is eight hours long (not counting the evening performance), so it’s hardly surprising we’re all looking for quick and easy ways to get ready in the morning.   One of the most time consuming parts of a dancer’s morning […]

Top Social Media Accounts Every Dancer Should Follow

For as long as cameras have existed, photographers have been drawn to one subject over all others – dancers. They are drawn to the artists’ flawless technique, and charming, magnetic allure. Dancers make superb photographic subjects, as they can shape and pose their bodies into an endless array of stunning variations. Social media sites like […]

Get Competition Ready: Impressing Judges with More Than Just Technique

For an amateur dancer, the first competition is one of the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking times in your career. While your technique should be polished to perfection, there are many other ways to grab the judges’ attention on competition day. Read on for expert tips on wowing the judges by putting your best foot forward. […]

History Of The Pointe Shoe

History of the Pointe Shoe The pointe shoe is synonymous with all styles of ballet and is an essential in any ballerina’s dance bag. As amateur and professional dancers go through dozens of pairs of pointe shoes per year, many of us take them for granted. However, you may be surprised to learn of the […]

Tips for Preparing to Return to Dance

While most of you have undoubtedly spent the summer recovering from the aching muscles associated with summer dance camp and workshops, we have been busily preparing for an exciting 2017 at Dance Desire HQ. Read on for our expert Dance Desire tips on preparing to return to dance class in 2017. Get Your Mindset Right […]

Nutritious Snacks to Pack in Your Child’s Dance Bag

Along with regular exercise, proper nutrition is essential for young dancers. Eating a healthy diet assists in their growth, development and cognition, and safeguards the immune system from infection. This is why it’s crucial that dancers eat well every day – not just on performance days. With so much conflicting health advice out there, it […]