There’s nothing quite like watching a movie and feeling your feet start to move, your head start to bop and your hands start to tap as an iconic dance scene fills the screen. It’s the moments we dream of being a part of, the reason so many of us dance and the part we end up YouTubing after the movie to watch over and over again.

From Dirty Dancing to Grease to more modern dance filled films like Burlesque and most recently, The Greatest Showman, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite, inspirational dance scenes.

Dirty Dancing

It’s the famous lift that every girl dreams about (and not just because it’s Patrick Swayze doing the lifting). The final dance scene in the 1987 movie is impossible to move along to when the beat drops and Baby is up in the air.



A more modern movie, the 2011 film featuring Christina Aguilera, Cher and a lot of sequined costumes was the musical hit of the year! The iconic ‘Show Me How You Burlesque’ routine which ended the film made every girl get out their chorus shoes and practice or hair flip or 10.



When we are talking about iconic dance scenes, how we could possibly go past the fast-paced number that is Rydell High’s hand jive. It’s a lot hips, plenty of fast moving feet and little of PG action, but the incredible scene has a way of getting everyone moving, even if you have no idea what the hand jive is!


The Greatest Showman

It may not be the original clip but any footage of this amazing cast and incredible music makes you dream with your eyes wide open. The 2017 film which has taken the world by storm is full of incredible choreography, large group numbers and songs impossible to get out your head…who is ready to hear the whole soundtrack at eisteddfods this year?



The 2007 remake of the classic musical Hairspray featured a lot of shakin’ and shimmying and whole lot of dance numbers, but none quite have the effect of the final number which gives every lead a chance to shine and every dancer a reason to want to be in a musical. Broadway anyone?



Hannah Montana The Movie

So it may not be an old classic, but the Hoedown Throwdown was on every teens radar and at every party in 2009. The country-pop song which got everyone in the barnyard and everyone in the cinema leaning-left and clapping three times took was an iconic dance scene in any young girl’s mind!



It was a hit in 1984 and again in 2011, Footloose had dancers and non-dancers alike ready to put on a pair of shoes and move their feet. Whether all you could do was strike a pose or you were ready to backflip in the middle of the dance floor, the song alone is enough to get you moving, let alone the incredible shots of feet moving in unison. 


Mamma Mia

Arguably one of the most feel good movies of all time, there isn’t much that can beat the combination of the Greek Islands, ABBA’s smash hits and Meryl Streep leading a bunch of ladies dancing on the pier to Dancing Queen.


Singing in the Rain

Have you seen tap like you have in Singin’ in the Rain? The old school classic will forever dazzle audiences with its spunky humour, incredible dance scenes and entertaining tap scenes. Moses Supposes perfectly sums up exactly why the movie will forever be a classic.


High School Musical

We all sung it, danced it and wished we were in it. High School Musical is the modern musical classic that filled every teenagers iPod and started their musical dreams. There was no way you could watch that final scene in the basketball court and not dance along, after all, we’re all in this together…right?