Studio Loyalty Program
Instore & Online

“Andrea from the Gold Coast has received over $150 from her tokens over the last 12 months. With her reward points she has split redemption of these points into 3 x $50 gift vouchers to use as studio awards and a $100 raffle prize to be drawn at her concert. She was surprised how quickly the $ reward points added up!”

Instore Program

Dance Desire, one of Australia’s leading dance wear retailers, has been providing this program in-store for dance studios in the Gold Coast area for some time with great success for all studios involved. 

For every dollar that is spent in store dancers receive a token. This token is placed in an allocated studio box at the door of our flagship store in Ashmore before they leave with their goodies.

When the studio owner is ready they are able to redeem these tokens for gift vouchers or in store credit.  Perfect for end of year concerts, gifts, fundraisers or concert requirements.

If your studio isn’t involved and you would like to be apart of our spend n support program please contact

Online Program

For studios who are not located on the Gold Coast who wish to purchase items in bulk or direct students to purchase from Dance Desire, we have a loyalty program specifically designed.

Please contact Lauren our studio partners manager who can help you with bulk orders, studio orders and studio discounts.

Dance Desire proudly supports studios by helping them with uniforms, costumes, shoes, dance wear and accessories.