Spend ‘n’ Support

The Studio Loyalty Program


Introducing the ‘Spend n Support’ program for dance studios across Australia.   Dance Desire, one of Australia’s leading dancewear retailers, has been providing this program in-store for dance studios in the Gold Coast area for some time with great success for all studios involved.   NOW finally, the Dance Desire ‘Spend n Support’ studio loyalty program is available to our online customers, allowing your students, friends, family etc to nominate your studio to receive $ reward points from their purchases!   We’ve included below all the information, the benefits and the potential rewards you can receive by joining our program.   Once you have registered there is nothing you need to do except encourage your students, friends, family etc to shop with us, nominating your studio and watch your $ points add up.


Here’s How it works


  1. Resister to be on our LIST of registered dance studios.
  2. When your family, friends, students etc place an order online with Dance Desire they earn loyalty points which are automatically calculated on their spend.
  3. They can nominate a studio from the drop down LIST of studios and allocate their loyalty points. Once your studio is registered for the program you will appear on this LIST.
  4. These points appear on your account to redeem and spend as you wish.

Benefits of Registering Your Studio


  1. You are added to our LIST of registered dance studios.
  2. You will receive $ rewards when your family, friends, students etc purchase online and nominate your studio to receive their points.
  3. You will automatically receive discounts on all your orders with Dance Desire, which will increase when ordering larger quantities.

Ideas on how you can use your $ points:


  1. For student rewards or awards.
  2. For your own dancewear purchases.
  3. To purchase costumes/uniforms for your studio.
  4. For raffle prizes.

Andrea from the Gold Coast has received over $250 off her online orders over the last 12 months. 

With her reward points she has split redemption of these points into 3 x $50 gift vouchers to use as studio awards and a $100 raffle prize to be drawn at her concert. 

She was surprised how quickly the $ reward points added up!

Register now and we will send you your complimentary:


  • Poster to display in your studio
  • Dance Desire brochures


You will also have access to:


  • Easy online dancewear shopping experience for you and your students.
  • Receive $ points for yourself / your studio.
  • Plus discounts on all your orders



It’s so simple you would be crazy not to get involved.   We look forward to helping your students easily find exactly what they need.   Specialising in quality dancewear, on trend, on stage, en pointe