It’s a question we are asked regularly… What is the difference between Stage Makeup vs Regular Makeup and why would I buy makeup specifically for dance when I already have plenty at home? Well the truth is, there is quite a difference between the two types of makeup and whilst it is possible to use everyday makeup, it is definitely not as effective.

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What is stage Makeup?

Unlike everyday makeup, stage makeup’s role is to highlight your facial features for performance under the bright stage lights. Therefore, it is important that the makeup is not only a lot thicker than normal, but a lot more pigmented. It creates a great base not only to build coverage, but to build your characters look. Furthermore, due to the heat of the lights, costume changes and of course sweat, stage makeup is designed for long wear and heavy duty. Because of this, people often get worried at the thick and unnatural look of the makeup, but it is important to remember it is made to be viewed at a distance as opposed to face to face.

Whilst makeup is becoming more and more popular and brands are widening their colour ranges, stage makeup also generally offers a wide and bright colour range perfect to fit a variety of characters. In association with this, their products are normally made to work together so the eye makeup sits nicely on the eye without fall out or difficult movement. It also means that when eyeliner and false eyelashes are applied, they too work alongside the makeup for a full and accentuated makeup look.

Makeup can also be used to create uniformity amongst dancers by creating a similar look and it is therefore important that all the ensemble not only have a similar style of makeup application, but a similar intensity.

Makeup Removal tips

Although makeup is one of the most exciting things about a performance, it is important that it is removed effectively and the skin is cleansed well after each show. Wearing thick makeup clogs your pores and, after a performance, it is often mixed with sweat and bacteria. Not only is this bad for causing breakouts and uneven skin, but not effectively cleansing your face means you are not letting your skin recover which can cause a break down of collagen, the mighty protein that helps our skin look young and fresh. More than just cosmetical, sleeping in your makeup can cause infections, especially around your eyes. Sleeping in mascara, eyeliner and eyelash glue are great ways to attact germs to proliferate near the eye area, a sensitive area prone to infection. For young dancers, it is also important to be mindful of the product used to remove makeup and cleanse the face, ensuring the chemicals are not too harsh for the delicate skin. We recommend the a good facial skincare range which features makeup removal wipes, eye makeup remover, skin conditioning cleansing milk and a delicate skin cleanser, designed to remove stage makeup on children, without the harsh chemicals.

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