Bloch Synthesis Pointe Shoe


The Synthesis is part of the Bloch Stretch Series which feature a unique stretch satin Upper which lengthens when the foot is flat or on demi pointe and returns to its original form when ‘en pointe’. This eliminates excess fabric and promotes a wrinkle-free profile.

  • The Last has been designed with a flat outline which facilitates extra stability when standing flat.
  • The Shank is the revolutionary patented Relevéase which uses biomimicry to echo the function of the human spine giving full flexion and easy roll through demi to ‘en pointe’. The shank is not attached at the heel allowing the insole to bend high at the break of the foot and to connect at the arch creating uplift.
  • The Vamp is medium length incorporating a graduated Box and the firm Wings provide extra support for longevity.
  • The internal suede heel grip prevents the shoe from slipping when moving between flat and ‘en pointe’.
  • The wide, tapered and low profile Platform is clearly defined to accentuate balance and equilibrium. Under the pleats, the noise reduction technology assists in reducing sound when on stage.
  • The shoes are accompanied by attached small crescent-shaped toe cushions which are included for additional toe comfort if required and to be inserted into the Box at the Platform.

Please Note: Pointe shoes should be professionally fitted. Only order if you are certain of your exact style, size and width of shoe.


Call Dance Desire for a fitting (07 5564 5400).