We all love concert and competition time, as it means new costumes!


When you are a dancer, a beautiful, well-made costume is an essential part of your performance. However, with regular competitions, it can be almost impossible to come up with a new costume for every performance.


No need to worry, because, at Dance Desire, it’s our mission to make competition preparation a stress-free experience. Read on for five easy, cost effective ways to revamp your old dance costumes.


  1. Change a Component – To make everything old, new again, just modify your existing costume by switching out, adding or removing a design element. If you feel comfortable then you can do it yourself.

Some simple alterations include:


 If you’re not confident doing it yourself, just call your favourite seamstress, and they can modify it for you.


  1. Add a Splash of Colour – A little colour can transform any outfit! An easy way to repurpose your old costumes is to find little ways to add some colour to them. Some simple ways to add spice to your old dance costumes include:



  1. Customise with Appliqués and Rhinestones – Instantly transform a basic dance costume into a stunning, original creation by adding rhinestones or hand sewn appliqués. Though simple, these finishing touches can add much needed elegance to any dance costume. And the best part is, this is a look you can easily create yourself!


You can even turn it into a team bonding experience. Get your dance class together, ask everyone to bring an assortment of appliqués and rhinestones and make a night of it!


  1. Mix and Match Pieces – By far the easiest way to save money is restyling your old costumes. Instead of buying new costumes for each performance, have some fun by mixing and matching elements from some of your old pieces. Reusing some old pieces will cut your costume budget in half! And, repurposing parts of your old costumes is a fantastic way to add to your practice wardrobe.


  1. Adjust the Hemline – Adjusting the hemline on an old dance costume can transform it from simple to stunning. It can also give you a variety of options for competitions.


If you’re searching for inspiration, maybe try chopping off one side of your pants, or transform a circle skirt into a square cut skirt. 


If you want to make the most of your old dance costumes, discuss performance wear options with the team at Dance Desire today.