For as long as cameras have existed, photographers have been drawn to one subject over all others – dancers. They are drawn to the artists’ flawless technique, and charming, magnetic allure. Dancers make superb photographic subjects, as they can shape and pose their bodies into an endless array of stunning variations.

Social media sites like Instagram have given dancers the perfect opportunity to invite fans into their worlds. Here are the top five Instagram accounts every dancer should follow.

  1. @isabellaboylston – Isabella Boylston is a Principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, a world-leading classical ballet company. Boylston’s Instagram feed documents her journey as a dancer, with intimate backstage and training images, as well as personal and editorial shots. Her Instagram feed plainly displays her immense talent and genuine excitement for her craft. The images Boylston posts are humble, witty, personal, and above all, approachable.
  1. @marthagrahamdance – The official Martha Graham Dance Company Instagram account treats followers to unprecedented access to one of the world’s premier modern dance companies. The Instagram feed showcases the training, photo shoots and travels of its award-winning dancers. This account is clearly created for ballet dancers and fans. Strictly non-promotional, it focuses on individual dancers, rather than the company’s performances. Populated with intimate photos and videos of dancers rehearsing in the studio, this account gives fans a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of a world-famous dance company.
  1. @drewjacoby – Drew Jacoby is a polished, contemporary ballet dancer and choreographer. Unlike most classical ballerinas, Jacoby does not dance en pointe and never wears tutus – she’s more likely to be seen in a black leotard, sporting bright red lipstick. Jacoby’s Instagram feed gives her followers a front row seat to her globetrotting adventures. Filled with behind the scenes rehearsal videos and intricate performance still shots, Jacoby’s passion and talent are on full display.
  1. @balletboyz – BalletBoyz is the brainchild of Royal Ballet principal dancers, Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt. Based in Kingston, England, this all-male ballet company is redefining common perceptions of the dance, by demonstrating that men can be just as graceful as women. This message is clearly reflected in the BalletBoyz Instagram account. Their photos have a dramatic, emotionally charged, atmospheric quality which is missing from many other ballet dancers’ accounts.
  1. @tear27 – Sebastien Marcovici (@tear27), is a former principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, and current Ballet Master at the Los Angeles Dance Project. As an accomplished dancer, his perspectives on the future of ballet are very interesting. His Instagram feed primarily focuses on his life as a dance mentor. To give viewers a complete window into his life, there are many well-crafted images of his personal life (plenty of fluffy dog and super moon shots). 

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