While most of you have undoubtedly spent the summer recovering from the aching muscles associated with summer dance camp and workshops, we have been busily preparing for an exciting 2017 at Dance Desire HQ.

Read on for our expert Dance Desire tips on preparing to return to dance class in 2017.

Get Your Mindset Right – Get out of relaxing holiday mode (it’s hard, I know), and mentally prepare for long days (and nights) at the dance studio, lengthy rehearsals and evenings spent practising technique and catching up on dance homework.

Do Some Light Stretching – Get together with some dance buddies and take a group yoga class, or simply do some stretching while talking about the upcoming dance year. It’s important to ease yourself back into stretching gently, so you don’t sustain an injury before classes even begin.

Review Last Year’s Ups and Downs – This is essential. Ensure you talk to your family, friends or dance teacher about the successes and setbacks you experienced in the past year.

Reflect on the previous year’s performances…when you were at your best and why, and when you weren’t performing at your peak. These are cues for the upcoming year, which will help you establish good dance habits (i.e. practising diligently, exercising and eating right).

Take New Head/Body Shots – Who doesn’t love a glamorous photo shoot? While you don’t need to hire an expensive photographer or pay for 100 professionally edited photos, getting new headshots at the start of dance season is wise. They can prove essential if you’re planning on entering a competition, applying for a scholarship or wish to undertake other professional work.

Absorb Any Advice or Corrections from Summer Dance Camps or workshops – Were you inspired by your summer camp dance instructor? If so, take some time to consider how you can apply any corrections or tips they have given you. Consider what you are doing well and the area(s) you need to improve on. When you know which area(s) to work on, writing down your goals will give you the incentive to achieve them.

Focus on Good Nutrition – While it may seem mundane, one of the most important considerations you can make for the upcoming year is your shopping list. Talk to your instructor (and do some research of your own) about developing a healthy eating plan.

One of the best ways to do this is to pre-prepare your lunch and snacks at home. This way, you know precisely what is going into your body, and as an added bonus, you’ll save money.

Audit Your Dance Gear for The Year Ahead – Get out all your dance clothing, shoes and equipment from last year and check that everything fits and is in perfect working order. Now is a great time to stock up on additional essential items for the new year including dance shoes, leotards, warm-up gear and accessories.

Need some additional help or advice regarding returning to dance this year? Our friendly team of Dance Desire experts are here to help. Shop online, or visit our beautiful dance showroom today.