‘Hold Up’ Body Adhesive – Premium 59ml


Hold Up Body Adhesive is the most effective roll-on body glue that provides a quick, clean and reliable solution to dance clothing slipping. 

Firmly holds clothing, dance costumes and accessories to your skin during performances.

The Premium formula is 30% stronger and is also sweat resistant for an extra strong hold during high activity. 

  • Highest quality ingredients and manufacturing
  • Hypo-allergenic / low irritant formula for sensitive skin
  • Easily applied to the skin, drying clear
  • When you are ready to remove the glue, simply pull off the clothing without any pain or loss of hair
  • Moves with your skin for maximum comfort
  • Keeps leotards from riding up
  • Keeps straps from falling down
  • Keeps clothing from falling off
  • Great for applying body ornaments such as glitter and skin crystals
  • Won’t stain clothing or skin
  • Washes off with just water


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