Hard. Pointe – Pointe Shoe Hardener


Hard. Pointe is a product that is used by ballerinas to extend the life of pointe shoes.

The rigors of ballet training can wear through a pair of shoes weekly and it’s not unusual for professional ballerinas to go through them DAILY! Wherever you are on your ballet journey, Hard. Pointe is an essential tool to help you get the most out of your pointe shoes. 


Hard. Pointe has been carefully developed with guidance from professional ballerinas and have sourced a brush that fits perfectly inside all pointe shoes. Each jar has enough product for use on multiple pairs of pointe shoes which enables ballerinas to use Hard. Pointe as generously, or as sparingly as they need to get the most out of their pointe shoes. The inspiration for this product is to help make pointe shoe training more affordable and cost effective.

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