Gaynor Minden Europa Pointe Shoe – Classic Fit


What’s the difference …… and why it matters.


Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are said to last three to six times longer than traditionally made pointe shoes.


If you have not been fitted with Gaynor Minden pointe shoes we suggest that you do have a professional in-store pointe fitting.


Ribbons sold separately.

European made.


We strongly recommend a complete and professional pointe shoe fitting at Dance Desire before purchasing any pointe shoes.


If your sizing or style is not listed here please contact us OR find your size in the USA made Gaynor Minden in separately listed SLEEK, CLASSIC or SCULPTURED European styles.



How to read the code:


Fit – Shoe size – Width – Box size – Shank strength – Vamp – Heel



CL-6.5M-4-H-DL   (CLASSIC fit – 6.5 medium width – 4 box – hard shank – deep vamp with low heel)


Please Note: Pointe shoes should be professionally fitted. Only order if you are certain of your exact style, size and width of shoe.