DivaDolly Petite Dance Suitcase – Grand Gala (Mint Sparkle)


  • DivaDolly Petite Case (without wheels) measures 14.25″L”X9.25″W X 27.5″H
  • Removeable Clear Tray 6.7″X 6.7″ X 5.1 In Height
  • 3 Drawers of Equal Size: 13.7 L” X 6.69 W ” X 6.45 H”
  • Side and Top Handle
  • DivaDolly Petite Weighs 26 pounds
  • Garment Door with Stationary Feet, Balance Plate and 2 Luggage Wheels
  • (This edition has no expandable tray)

*Please note, a delivery charge will be sent shortly after purchase. If you require a quote, please email sales@dancedesire.com.au with your suburb and post code. 

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