If there’s one thing dancers have in common, it’s being perpetually busy. The average dancer’s day is eight hours long (not counting the evening performance), so it’s hardly surprising we’re all looking for quick and easy ways to get ready in the morning.


One of the most time consuming parts of a dancer’s morning routine is styling their hair. The perfect solution for many dancers is the classic bun.


However, constructing a sturdy bun which stays in place all day can be a challenge. Read on for simple ways to create a dance-friendly hairstyle.


What you’ll need:


Traditional Bun – A traditional bun is a simple, yet effective hairstyle for any dancer. It looks elegant on stage and is guaranteed to last all day.

Step 1: Gently spray your hair with a little water. If your hair is freshly washed, opt for a quality texturing spray. This will give your hair some hold and make it much easier to style.


Step 2: Then, use a comb or brush to pull your hair into a ponytail. The perfect height is at the crown of your head. You should be able to see the top of the bun when facing a mirror straight on.


This will create a diagonal, upward-facing swoop, giving the illusion of a longer neck. Secure your hair with an elastic band.


Step 3: Twist the ponytail (to the right or left, depending on your preference) into a rope, then start winding the hair around the elastic until you reach the end of your ponytail.


For a classically shaped ballerina bun, u-shaped pins are ideal – as they hold more hair and are far easier to use than traditional bobby pins. Tuck any loose ends underneath the bun, and use a pin to secure it. 


Step 4: Finish off your bun with a light- to medium-hold hairspray.

Using a Bun Doughnut – Bun doughnuts are becoming increasingly popular among dancers. They’re available in a wide range of colours and sizes, to suit the length and thickness of your hair.

Step 1: Dampen your hair

Step 2: Brush hair until all tangles and knots are removed

Step 3: Brush hair into a ponytail (bring it in line with your ears)

Step 4: Spray any errant bumps with hairspray, and smooth them out with a comb

Step 5: Pull the ponytail through the bun doughnut so the doughnut sits at your head and the ponytail hangs through the opening.

Step 6: Spread the hair from your ponytail in every direction over the doughnut to cover it

Step 7: Place a hair tie around the bun to secure it

Step 8: Tuck loose ends under the bun

Step 9: Place a thin bun net (with an elastic edge) over the entire bun

Step 10: Use pins to secure the bun in place

Step 11: Apply hairspray to hold the bun in place

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