Having opened in 2002, Dance Desire has seen many dancers go through our doors. We have watched students mature from their first class to professional dancers, we’ve seen once clueless mums become full time dance mums and we have developed great relationships with the incredible teacher’s whom continue to contribute to the Australian dance community. Dance Desire has grown to become one of Australia’s largest dancewear stores…but where did it all begin? Read on to find out our fearless leader’s story and how she turned pain into dance prosperity.

More than two decades ago, a serious workplace injury turned the tables on Myfanwy’s much-loved nursing career, leaving her with a permanent disability and a diagnosis of CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), a debilitating and painful condition affecting her left hand.

“My life changed forever”, explains Myfanwy. “It took a lot of surgery, rehabilitation as well as unconditional love and support from my family to be able to come to terms with my disability and prospects.” A few months later, Myfanwy was struck with inspiration while sitting outside her children’s dance class. A savvy dance Mum herself, Myfanwy knew there was significant demand for good quality, preloved dance costumes, shoes and props.

Initially collecting and selling items on consignment, Myfanwy soon realised that in order to make her business sustainable she needed to expand her product offer and open a shop of her own. From her car boot to spare room to garage, Myfwany finally moved her business into a store and in 2002, Myfanwy officially opened Dance Desire, now one of Australia’s leading instore and online dance stores.

Looking back on her career today, Myfanwy admits the pathway to success hasn’t been easy. “I’m extremely fortunate that I have had the support of family, friends and great staff allowing all my ideas to come to fruition.”

We are so proud of how incredibly Myfwanwy has grown Dance Desire out of one of life’s hardships. There is no doubt the shop wouldn’t exist without her and we can’t wait to see where the future leads Dance Desire and the Australian dance industry.