Returning to dance is always a crazy time for parents, dancers and teachers. It’s full of excitement, nerves and a lot of sore muscles, but there’s no feeling quite like learning the first new routine of the year or showing your dance family what you learnt at Summer Dance Camp! There’s new classes, new teachers and often a new wardrobe to make up for the extra foot you grew over summer, so purchasing new uniforms, shoes and hosiery can be quite the mission.

Dance Desire have put together a quick and easy checklist to make sure you have everything you need this Back to Dance! 


From checking class dates, to updating uniform requirements and making sure your shoes and socks are hole free, there’s a whole lot more into getting ready for back to dance than you expect. Dance Desire has extended trading hours this Back to Dance to ensure you and your family can get everything you need, without the stress. Come in and talk to one of our friendly staff, or shop online for all your dancewear needs and make sure your checklist is ticked off!