For an amateur dancer, the first competition is one of the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking times in your career. While your technique should be polished to perfection, there are many other ways to grab the judges’ attention on competition day. Read on for expert tips on wowing the judges by putting your best foot forward.

Presentation – From the moment you set foot onstage until you exit, your every move is being scrutinised. So, remember to “stay in character” for your entire performance. Ensure you enter the spotlight poised, confident, smiling and ready to take the judges on a unique journey.

While judges are looking for skill, they’re also looking for dancers demonstrating a commitment to their craft. With practice and preparation, you’ll be able to keep this level of energy up until you finish your routine.

Watch Facial Expressions – In dance, as in life, you are judged by your expressions. Try not to looked strained, anxious, worried or nervous. While performing, remember to smile, make eye contact with the audience, and most importantly, look passionate about your performance.

Stay Strong – Performing in front of a crowd can be a nerve-wracking experience. Juggling the pressure of trying to execute a flawless routine, while looking passionate and poised, can be difficult and you’ll probably make some mistakes.

The worst thing you can do when you lose your place is give up. If you make a mistake, get up and keep going. This will show the judges you can stay focused and handle mishaps in a professional manner.

Tips for Unruly Hair – Dancers with thick, curly or coarse hair may have trouble recreating desired performance hairstyles. Tame unruly tresses by using a smoothing treatment in your hair once a week. And, on competition day, spray a heat protector through your hair, then carefully blow dry it a section at a time.

Skin Tone – No matter your age, skin tone should look even and natural, rather than blotchy, red, pink, orange or shiny. Avoid light-reflecting mineral makeup, as it makes your face look too fair against your body and shiny under stage lights.

To achieve a natural look, opt for a golden tone foundation where cheek colour is applied, to prevent a flushed look. Ensure you blend under the chin, as judges can be positioned slightly below stage level, and can see each performer from this angle.

Eye Shadow – When applying eye shadow, ensure it is well blended and that the colour selection doesn’t clash with costume changes. Avoid frosted or bright colours (i.e. blue, green or purple).

Use three shades of eye shadow to achieve a blended look: a dark shade to define the corners, a medium shade to balance onto the eye bone, and a light shade under the eyebrow blending across the eyelid.

For all your dance competition needs, plus more expert tips guaranteed to wow competition judges, contact the friendly team at Dance Desire today.