Ballet exams are an exciting yet nerve-racking time for a young dancer. Whether it’s their first time or they are completing the final grade, there are number of essentials items and tips to remember.

We have compiled a list of exam essentials to help take your mind of what you need to pack and focusing on the syllabus.

  1. Check with your teacher about the correct uniform (including character) and come in store at least 2 weeks before your exam in case the item is not in stock.
  2. Purchase 2 pairs of the correct tights (one to wear and one for emergency).
  3. Check your shoes are exam appropriate. This means they fit correctly, are clean and don’t have any scuff marks. If you need to purchase new shoes, do so as soon as possible so you have the chance to get used to them.
  4. Ensure you have all your hair necessities in an organised box including pins, hair ties, hair nets, spray and any accessory (if allowed).
  5. Double check the venue and time of your exam and ensure you arrive an hour before hand to stretch and prepare yourself.
  6. Remove all jewellery, nail polish and heavy make-up before hand.
  7. Ensure you have the correct underwear for your leotard so it is not visible.
  8. Pack water and a small snack in case the wait is longer than expected.
  9. During the exam always look up at the examiner…a professional dancer told us if you come out of the exam knowing the colour of their shoes you looked down too much.  
  10. Stay calm before and during the exam and don’t let your nerves get the better of you!

Whilst exams can be scary, they are also an exciting and important aspect of your dance training. Hopefully these tips help you relax and enjoy your exam preparation and we wish you the best of luck!