It’s common knowledge that you are what you eat, but following a healthy diet is easier said than done for the average dancer who leads a full and busy life. Many dancers know that whole food with a balance of protein, carbs and good fats are optimal. But few manage to get the actual eating plan going sustainably. In an effort to help, we’ve put together a few tips to help you make your healthy dancer’s diet a reality!

TIP #1 Prioritise Breakfast

Many people still skip this important meal in favour of a latte and muffin from the canteen when rushed for time. It’s the worst mistake you could make as you’re starting off your day on borrowed energy that will burn out quickly – fuelling your desire for more processed foods. To get your eating plan on track, prioritise breakfast. Prepare something the night before, and if you wake up without an appetite, eat something small like a boiled egg or fruit and yoghurt.

TIP #2 Don’t Wait For The Hunger To Come

The average work day is filled with demands on your time and it’s tempting to ignore normal hunger pangs until they become full on violent. Keep to regular mealtimes, even if it means you eat several smaller meals a day instead of three large ones. You’ll find that this keeps your energy even and prevents you from reaching the stage of hunger where junk food starts looking good.

TIP #3 Avoid The Snack Trap

As a dancer, you’re going to go through many more calories than the average person does, even if you aren’t lifting weights and running miles every day. As such, it’s normal to need to eat more to keep up your energy, as long as you’re eating healthy snacks and not processed food devoid of nourishment. To avoid being stuck with unhealthy options, keep healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruit in your handbag or desk. This way when the snack cart comes around you’ll be able to say no with confidence.

Following these tips will see you eating better, smaller meals more regularly and avoiding eating chocolates, chips and candy as meals instead of occasional treats. In no time, you should see an improvement in your performance – with more energy, stamina and strength on the dance floor than ever before!