En Pointe Orthotics @ Dance Desire

En Pointe Orthotics @ Dance Desire

If you haven’t heard of En Pointe Orthotics you either

  1. Don’t have a dancer who is en pointe
  2. Have been living under a rock

We proudly fit En Pointe orthotics instore here at Dance Desire and the last few months have been CRAZY with EPO fittings in store. 

Claudia Dean has a lot to do with the recent rise having endorsed the product after having her own pair fit and LOVING the feeling of dancing en pointe pain free. 

We have met dancers from different areas who have had a variety of issues en pointe.  All of which can be helped with the innovative technology and custom fitting of En Pointe Orthotics.

In the past few months alone we have help customers who have

  • Uneven toes
  • Bunions
  • Pain en pointe
  • Knuckling
  • Horrible trouble with blisters
  • Bruised toenails
  • Missing toenails
  • Problem with toe alignment
  • Deformity
  • Amputation

It has been our absolute pleasure fitting each and every one of them and seeing the smile on their faces at the end of the 1hr fitting is the cherry on top of the cake!

If you don’t yet follow Claudia Dean on social media you can find out more about this remarkable woman here

To find out more about En Pointe Orthotics you can click here and that will take you directly to their website.  To book a fitting or to ask questions about the product we encourage you to get in touch with their team or contact our team to arrange a fitting.

Safe, Simple, Smart!

Happy Dancing

DD x


Claudia Dean with her EPO’s

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