As a dancer or dance parent, we understand there are a lot of choices when it comes to where to shop, especially with the growing phenomenon of online shopping. Whilst it can be difficult to decide, we have put together 10 reasons to buy from an independent dance store to give you some assistance. 

  1. Independent stores are often smaller business which place a large focus on providing great customer service and individualized experiences. Most are run by people, rather than a board or stakeholders, meaning the you get a different kind of care and quality in the service because the work is a reflection on themselves. 
  2. They offer personalized pointe & shoe fitting areas with consistent staff who can provide one on one focus and personal service. For pointe shoes, this often means a history of the shoes you have danced in to allow the fitter to understand the way both the dancer’s feet and technique have changed and developed to ensure the best fit for now and into the future.
  3. VARIETY! Independent dance stores provide products across multiple brands for a complex range of dance styles and sizes. They stock big brands, small brands & every brand in between to make sure you get the best look, fit and feel for dance class and stage performances. In short, independent businesses create and offer choice!
  4. Staff knowledge and passion – Independent dance stores often employ staff involved in the industry. From ex-dancers to dance mums to dance teachers, the staff are passionate individuals who are invested in your child’s future and passionate about their dance journey, not just making budget.
  5. Less wait. Walk in and walk out with exactly what you need without spending time waiting (except during back to dance…. you might need to be patient then, we do get very busy)
  6. Park right at the door. Sure, it may not be a life-changing attribute, but when you have a dancer as a child, saving time being able to quickly run in, grab what you need, and run out can be incredibly helpful.
  7. Online shopping available with great customer service, huge range and competitive prices. Online shopping is the way of the future and whilst most brands offer it, independent dance stores have everything you need on the one site, no need to have a multitude of tabs open and track multiple orders!
  8. COMMUNITY! Since our stores aren’t entirely brand focused. we spend a lot of our time developing relationships with dance studios, schools and businesses in the local area and love watching young dancers grow to full time professionals right in our store. 
  9.  IT’S EASY! Whether you are finding the best fit shoe, the perfect exam leotard or a birthday present for your dance teacher, stocking a wide range under one roof means you can get it all in one drive, one transaction and one shop. 
  10. Like most small businesses, shopping from an independent dance store allows you to be a part of someone else’s dream to benefit a community we have all developed and loved together. For Dance Desire, the ability to provide, educate and inspire local and international dancers and dance parents is something we take great pride in and hope to continue to do for years to come.