Strengthen Your Pointe Shoes with PIPS


4 payments of $21.25

Portable Inserts for Pointe Shoes

Known as PIPS


A must have for all dancers en pointe wanting a lot more strength in the shank of their pointe shoes.


A revolutionary product with added metal that:

  • may extend the life of your pointe shoes by increasing their shank strength
  • may give better support in your pointe shoes
  • is portable from one pair of pointe shoes to another
  • strengthens the shank of the pointe shoe
  • acts as a ‘strong’ style when worn in the pointe shoe
  • is easily trimmed or lengthened to fit almost all sizes or styles of pointe shoes
This product could save you $$$ in broken pointe shoes – so strengthen your pointe shoes with PIPS!
Warning: do not bend the PIPS at the edge of the metal shank as this may cause them to snap.