Dance Diva Underwear - Beige


Knicked : sustainable, comfortable, reliable, high quality pre-period and period underwear for girls 8 to 18 years that eliminates the need for bulky pads and intrusive tampons.

DANCE DIVA : nude, high cut bikini with bottom coverage!

These are nearly invisible under any dance, cheer, acro costume PLUS are the perfect choice under all light clothing. Created to be super thin and now with enhanced leak proof technology – so whether your pirouetting, leaping, somersaulting or up on stage – Diva has you covered.

Washing Instructions:

A quick rinse after wearing will prevent staining, then toss in the washing machine with like coloured clothing but please NO fabric softeners as it harms the waterproof membrane and is also bad for the environment, then hang out to dry on the line. Due to the many layers of material they may take longer to dry than regular lingerie so give them a full spin cycle as this will decrease the drying time.


Cold or under 30 degrees wash is preferable. Do not tumble dry or iron.

Size Guide – Waist (cm)

Child 8/10 –  55-60 cm

Child 10/12 – 60-65 cm

Child 12/14 (Ladies AU 8) – 70-75 cm

Child 14-16 (Ladies AU 10) – 80-85 cm