When will dancing go back in qld?

When will dancing go back in qld?

It’s the question everyone wants an answer for.


When will dancing return to normal post COVID-19? 


As we know, every state is different.  The road out of COVID-19 will look different across the country but what we know is that following the advice from the Government will ensure that dance studios are once again a safe space for students, teachers and families.


Good things come to those who wait…


Currently in QLD we are about to enter stage 1 of our 3 stage roadmap.   The end is near…


All things going to plan Ausdance Queensland suggests that Dance Studios will fall under the banner of Gyms, Health Clubs and Yoga Studios and be allowed to resume trading on the 15th of June.




Only 20 people will be allowed in a class during this stage 2 plan…


So what does that mean?


It means that the smaller studios will most likely be allowed to operate as normal, the larger studios however will only be allowed to operate on a limited capacity?

Will this be worth while?  How will the structure classes with only 20 people?  Do they ask the other 4 not to come that day… of course not.


The reality is that most studios will not be allowed to open unitl stage 3 planned for the 10th of July when the limit will be raised to 100 people. 


So horribly some studios will have to stay closed for the remainder of this term.   But with so much time and effort being taken to ensure that online classes are a safe,  nurturing and fun enviroment for students as an alternative it’s not all bad news.

Remember that the main focus is ensuring that our dancers are still dancing.  That they aren’t sitting at home waiting for things to go back to the way they were, that they are staying motivated and continuing to move their bodies in some way.


Congratulations to all those teachers who have worked incredibly hard throughout this pandemic to ensure their students can continue their practice.  And to those dancers taking classes in a small space at home who desperately want to get back into the class room. Hang in there… you’re doing an amazing job.


We can’t wait to see you back on the stage, doing what you love and of course back in store visiting us again really soon.


Team Dance Desire x



Here is the latest announcement from the QLD Government (current as of 12/5/20)





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